Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Question: Are You Ready to Take on the Challenge of the Ironman?

Answer: Yes! If you have the fitness, time and money!

As a Professional Triathlon Coach and the Coach of the location triathlon club in metro Atlanta, I am often asked about the Ironman. Completing an Ironman distance triathlon is an important rite of passage for several triathletes, however the Ironman is not for everyone.

The Ironman distance triathlon has been known as the “ultimate test of fitness”. An Ironman triathlon consists of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run. An Ironman sanctioned race requires athletes to complete the event within 17 hours on the same day. The races typically start at 7:00am and athletes must finish by midnight to obtain an official time and the right to be referred to as an “Ironman”.

Three important components that should be considered when contemplating signing up for an Ironman are fitness, time and money.

Athletes will need to have solid fitness foundation. Typically, one year of experience training and racing different triathlon distances is good to have under your belt.

Athletes with a good fitness base should plan to spend approximately six months specifically training for the race with the bulk of the training in the last three months. The serious time commitment will be on the weekends, if you work a typical full-time job, Monday through Friday.

Athletes should expect to spend a significant amount of money while preparing for the Ironman. The $575 entry fee is just the beginning of the expenses athletes will face. In addition to the race registration fee, athletes may need to pay for a gym or pool membership, coaching services, massage, additional equipment and travel expenses associated with the race venue.

If you are an athlete that has the base fitness to start training for an Ironman, the time available to commit to training and the funds to afford the high price of getting ready for an Ironman, you are probably ready to take on the Ironman.

If you determine you are ready, good luck! Enjoy the journey and savor the reward when you cross the finish line!

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