Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Swim with Confidence!

As a Professional Triathlon Coach and Coach of Vizsla Swim Team, I often see athletes who are fantastic swimmers during practice in the pool, but encounter trouble on race day. One reason they might experience difficulty may be due to lack of confidence.

As described by Peter Haberl, Ed. D., senior sport psychologist for the United States Olympic Committee, in the USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach Certification Manual, there are four Cs that play a huge role when it comes to balancing the stress of racing.

1. Confidence

2. Concentration

3. Commitment

4. Composure

Confidence is believing in yourself, your skills and your ability to handle whatever comes your way.

Concentration is staying focused on the task at hand.

Commitment is willingness to train hard, to sacrifice, to persevere when things are not going well.

Composure is managing your emotions. Be in charge of yourself because there are many things out of your control.

Athletes can achieve a higher degree of performance and turn negative stress into a helpful challenge when they improve aspects of the four Cs.

Because nothing happens without confidence, my next series of blogs for the month of June will address ways for athletes to swim with confidence!

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